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Long-Term Care Planning

Planning for the Elder Care Years

During the retirement years, there’s a phase of life that most people will experience if they live long enough. It’s called the elder care years. If you don’t plan for this phase of life, others, usually your children, will end up making decisions about care and finances. As much as children love us and mean to do the right thing, they cannot possibly know what we want if they are not told. That’s why it’s so important to plan.

Knowledge is Power

If you are currently providing care for a loved one, understanding the natural progression of long-term care and the resources available to help can be an invaluable asset. We call this process long-term care planning and Drazen Law Group, LLC is equipped to be your guide. Long-term care planning involves:

  • Understanding the process of planning
  • Understanding care settings
  • Understanding government long-term care programs
  • Knowing who to contact for help
  • Creating sources of funding to pay for services
  • Using strategies to preserve assets
  • Creating a long-term care plan

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