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Milford Will and Trust Lawyers on Making Your Funeral Wishes Part of Your Estate Plan

  • By Steven Rubin
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  • Posted April 18, 2023

Writing your Last Will and Testament is crucial in planning for your future. But did you know it’s also possible to create a plan for how you want your funeral and memorial service to be conducted? It may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn how to make your funeral wishes part of your estate plan. Our top New Haven, CT trust lawyers provide trust administration services.

Create a Separate Document to State Your Wishes

Although many people choose to include their funeral wishes in their Last Will and Testament, it’s important to note that this document does not legally bind the Executor of the Will—it simply serves as a guide. For this reason, it’s best to create a separate document outlining your funeral wishes so that your family members know them when the time comes. This should include descriptions of the service you want, any religious elements involved, who should officiate or give readings, types of music that should be played, and any other details you feel are important. You can even specify if certain people shouldn’t attend!

Communicate With Your Family Members

When writing down what you would like for your funeral arrangements, it is essential to communicate with any family members involved in making these decisions after you’re gone. Letting them know why these arrangements are necessary to you will help them understand why they should take steps to ensure they are carried out correctly. In addition, if certain items or decorations have special meaning or significance to you—like flowers or photographs—you should let them know so they can ensure those items are included in the planning process. We provide estate planning services in Milford, CT and beyond.

Name An Executor

The best way to guarantee that all of your wishes are fulfilled is by naming an executor specifically tasked with ensuring all necessary steps have been taken before the day of the service. This person should know and understand all aspects of your final estate plan and be willing and able to carry out the tasks required for its execution. Naming an executor provides peace of mind knowing someone trusted will make sure everything is taken care of when the time comes.

Getting Started

Planning ahead for our departure is never easy, but having an estate plan helps us ensure our loved ones don’t have too many difficult decisions once we're gone. Creating specific instructions around our desired funeral arrangements gives us control over how we wish our memorial services to look while also taking some burden off our families during an already trying time. If done correctly and communicated effectively, we can make carrying out those wishes much easier on everyone involved after we're gone.

Contact our Milford will and trust lawyers to start planning your estate and making your final wishes known. We will help you create the plans you need to ensure every detail is carried you as you desire.

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