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Who We Help

Drazen Law Group, LLC helps individuals of all ages, families and organizations plan for the future. Our innovative Lifetime Pathways® Approach delivers customized plans perfectly tailored to each client’s unique situation.The Lifetime Pathways® Approach is your pathway to peace to mind.

  • Estate Builders

    The Future is Coming. Are You Ready?

    If you’re an adult in the wealth accumulation stage of life, you have a lot on your mind. Whether you’re thinking about creating an estate plan for yourself or your family, setting up a trust for a family member or pet, looking to minimize the tax consequences of an inheritance, or just want a second opinion as you design your future, Drazen Law Group, LLC can help.  Learn more

  • Active Seniors

    Today’s Plan = Tomorrow’s Peace of Mind

    If you’re an active and healthy older adult on the verge of retirement, the decisions you make now will affect your life—and the lives of loved ones—for years to come. Proactive decision-making now will minimize the burdens for others tomorrow. Let Drazen Law Group show you the way. Learn more

  • On the Long-Term Care Journey – Trouble Ahead

    Trigger Events = Trouble Ahead

    If something happens that leaves you concerned about your own health or that of a spouse or elderly loved one, there’s a lot to think about. Drazen Law Group, LLC can assist you with early planning that makes it possible to avoid the elder care crisis. You’ll have more options and those options will be more affordable than they will be if you wait until the crisis hits. Learn more

  • On the Long-Term Care Journey - Families in Crisis

    Eldercare 911 – Families in Crisis

    Finding out that an elderly loved one can no longer live at home creates a cascade of dilemmas that can put hard-earned assets in jeopardy and tear families apart. No matter how you end up at the crisis point, Drazen Law Group, LLC can guide you out of the storm, preserving wealth and important family relationships in the process.  Learn more

  • Concerned about Loved ones with Special Needs

    Who Will Care for Your Loved One When You Can’t?

    If you’re responsible for the care of a child, relative or loved one with a disability, have you thought about who will care for your loved one when you’re no longer able to? Where will your loved one live? Who will pay for care? Drazen Law Group, LLC can help you develop proactive plans that will protect quality of life and create peace of mind. Learn more

  • Business Owners

    What Keeps You Up at Night?

    What will happen to your business when you’re no longer around to run it? Drazen Law Group, LLC offers a wide range of planning strategies that enable business owners to smoothly transition ownership and operation of family businesses. Learn more

  • Professionals

    Don’t Let Your Clients Struggle Alone

    When you encounter clients who seem overwhelmed with the demands of a loved one’s care, you’re in a unique position to help. By recognizing the signs of family distress and understanding the options available, you can play a pivotal role in helping your clients take control of the long-term care journey.  Learn more