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New Year—Name Guardians for Your Kids (or Grandkids!)

  • By Franklin Drazen
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  • Posted January 11, 2024

As we welcome a new year, it's an opportune time for parents and grandparents with custody to consider one of the most important decisions: naming guardians for your children or grandchildren. Life can be unpredictable, and while we hope for the best, it's essential to be prepared for any eventuality. Setting up guardianship ensures that your little ones are cared for by individuals you trust should the unexpected occur. Our experienced Milford, CT, estate lawyers can review and explain your options.

  1. Review Existing Plans: If you've previously named guardians but your family has since grown, it's crucial to revisit and update your plan to include all of your children.
  2. Prioritize Willingness and Ability: When choosing a guardian, consider their relationship to the child and their willingness and capability to take on this crucial role.
  3. Discuss Your Choice: Open a dialogue with potential guardians to ensure they're informed and willing to take responsibility.
  4. Consider Values and Lifestyle: It's important that the chosen guardian aligns with your values and can provide a stable environment for your children.
  5. Legal Formalization: Once you've decided, work with an attorney to formalize the guardianship in legal documents to ensure clarity and enforceability.
  6. Regularly Review: As life circumstances change, it's a good idea to review and, if necessary, update your guardianship choices every few years.

Having guardians in place provides peace of mind, knowing your children or grandchildren will be in safe and loving hands. The new year serves as a reminder to take proactive steps to secure their future. Our team is here to assist and guide you in making these significant decisions, ensuring your loved ones are always protected.

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