Who will own your business after you die? Who will run it?

Drazen Rubin Law, LLC offers a wide range of planning strategies that enable business owners to transition ownership of any organization. Let us help you distribute ownership and operation of the business to family members or partners, develop ways to divide your business between children who don’t all work in the business, or ensure an orderly sale of the business to third parties after your death.

The Solution: Drazen Rubin Law’s Pathways for Entrepreneurs® Process

Drazen Rubin Law, LLC’s Pathways for Entrepreneurs® approach features seven distinct pathways of inquiry that enable our team to craft a solution that is a perfect fit for your unique needs. We take the time to get to know you, your goals, your values, and what’s important to you. And once the plan is in place, we are always here for you.

And then there’s the taxes…

No business transition plan is complete without a plan to minimize taxes. Drazen Rubin Law, LLC helps you protect your rights and pay only the taxes you are legally required to pay. We can help you plan your personal and business activities to reduce income taxes, property taxes and death taxes, assist you with complicated business transactions such as partnerships, corporate tax planning and business sales, show you how to transfer real estate or other property without unnecessary income or death taxes, and much more.