The Future is Coming. Are You Ready?

If you’re an adult in the wealth accumulation stage of life, you have a lot on your mind. Whether you’re thinking about creating an estate plan for yourself or your family, setting up a trust for a family member or pet, looking to minimize the tax consequences of an inheritance, or just want a second opinion as you design your future, Drazen Rubin Law, LLC can help.

The Solution: Drazen Rubin Law’s Pathways to Prosperity® Process

Drazen Rubin Law, LLC’s Pathways to Prosperity® approach features seven distinct pathways of inquiry that enable our team to craft basic estate planning documents that fit your current stage of life. We take the time to get to know you, your goals, your values, and what’s important to you.

Think of Drazen Rubin Law, LLC as your strategic planning partner during your estate building years. We help you get all your legal documents in order, and then lay the groundwork for the future. And then, if something happens—say your spouse is diagnosed with a chronic illness—we step in and help you prepare for the future. And once the plan is in place, continuing support is our goal. We are always here for you.