Don’t Lose What’s Rightfully Yours

If you have won a lawsuit filed due to medical malpractice, a car accident, an issue with a nursing home or some other situation that left you with serious injuries, the settlement you receive should help you—not prevent you from receiving the Medicaid, Social Security or other government benefits you were previously receiving. Without proper guidance, you may risk losing the benefits you currently have or be deemed ineligible to receive benefits in the future.

A Solid Future for You and Your Beneficiaries

Drazen Rubin Law, LLC can help you protect your settlement without sacrificing public benefits you rely on for care. We can we discuss your options in helping to preserve Medicaid or Social Security benefits and take steps to protect your settlement in the event that you are required to pay for or contribute to the costs of long-term care outside the home. Drazen Rubin Law, LLC will advise you of your rights and options in this matter so you can make choices that will protect your financial security and your estate so you—and your beneficiaries—have the best possible chance for a secure future.

  • Estate planning for beneficiaries with special needs
  • Preserving and protecting public benefits
  • Supplemental care trusts
  • Disability applications
  • Finding and coordinating services
  • Conservatorships for disabled individuals
  • Plans and preparations to meet challenges of the disabled individual’s longevity
  • Self-settled (d4a) trusts
  • Third party trusts
  • Sole benefit trusts
  • Stand-alone special needs trusts
  • D4c pooled trusts