The Guidance You Need to Build the Future You Want

Though everyone needs an estate plan, non-traditional couples stand to lose the most if basic planning is overlooked. Whether you are a member of a same-sex couple, an unmarried couple, a mixed couple, or if you are single or a member of a blended family, Drazen Rubin Law, LLC is equipped to provide estate planning, asset protection planning, tax planning and other legal guidance that will empower you to leave the legacy you choose.

Estate Planning: Especially Vital for LGBT Couples & Families

Estate planning provides protections to help guard against discrimination when people are reluctant to recognize your relationship, even if you are married. If you fail to plan properly, the result can be devastating to your spouse or partner and family. Without a proper estate plan, you could be legally prevented from making decisions about your spouse or partner’s care, managing his or her affairs, or even having access to him or her. Even if you are married, planning is critical in the event you encounter resistance to recognize your marital rights.