Point Your Clients in the Right Direction

When you encounter clients who seem overwhelmed with the demands of a loved one’s care, you’re in a unique position to help. Whether you’re a financial advisor, health care professional, case manager, discharge planner, social worker, or other professional that interacts with older adults and their families, by recognizing the signs of family distress and making a referral to Drazen Rubin Law, LLC, you can play a pivotal role in helping your clients take control of the long-term care journey.

When to Refer

What are the top signs that a client may benefit from a referral to Drazen Rubin Law, LLC?

  1. Caregivers are experiencing burnout, frustration or guilt
  2. The children of the elderly adult are out of state, out of town or out of touch
  3. Elderly adults or couples are afraid that the nursing home will be their only long-term care option
  4. Adult children are voicing concerns about a parent’s debilitating diagnosis
  5. Caregivers or family members seem uncertain about care options, what to do next, or where to get help
  6. The elder has been hospitalized and the family has been told that he or she can no longer live independently
  7. The spouse of an elderly person living in a long-term care setting is at risk of being impoverished by long-term care bills

Anytime you encounter someone who seems to need more help than you can give, a referral to the Drazen Rubin Law, LLC will put them on the path to peace of mind.

The Solution: Drazen Rubin Law’s Lifetime Pathways® Process

Drazen Rubin Law, LLC draws from an array of legal, financial and care-related services to design solutions customized to meet your client’s unique needs.

After you refer, the professionals at Drazen Rubin Law, LLC work closely with you and your organization to find practical solutions that make it possible for your clients to navigate the long-term care journey with confidence. Our capable and compassionate guidance will help your clients avoid costly bad decisions, preserve family relationships, and avoid needless heartache.

We’re Here to Help

When you sense your clients are struggling, don’t wait. Send them to Drazen Rubin Law, LLC. They’ll be glad you did.