Who Will Care for Your Loved One When You Can’t?

If you’re responsible for the care of a child, relative or loved one with a disability, have you thought about who will care for your loved one when you’re no longer able to? Where will your loved one live? Who will pay for care?

The Solution: Drazen Rubin Law’s Pathways for Special Needs® Process

Drazen Rubin Law, LLC’s Pathways for Special Needs® Process features seven distinct pathways of inquiry that enable our team to craft a solution that is a perfect fit for your unique needs. We take the time to get to know you, your goals, your values, and what’s important to you. And once the plan is in place, continuing support is our goal. We are always here for you.

Whether your special needs dependent is affected by autism, spectrum disorders, birth defects, mental illness, substance abuse, cerebral palsy, diabetes, developmental, emotional or cognitive disabilities, or disabilities resulting from accident or illness, Drazen Rubin Law, LLC’s skilled, experienced and compassionate professionals will protect your special needs loved one’s financial rights, legal rights, eligibility for public benefits and quality of life—now and in the future.

It’s about Quality of Life and Peace of Mind

Since 1985, Drazen Rubin Law, LLC has been working to improve quality of life for disabled and developmentally-impaired individuals and those who love and care for them. Whether you need help finding care and services offered by private and public agencies to improve your loved one’s quality of life or want to use a settlement or inheritance to provide more than the basic necessities without jeopardizing eligibility for public benefits, Drazen Rubin Law, LLC can help.