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Can I Choose Not to Have a Funeral? | Milford Estate and Probate Lawyers

  • By Steven Rubin
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  • Posted January 10, 2023

A funeral is a traditional method of honoring a person's life after death. However, some people don't feel comfortable having one. Choosing not to have a funeral is entirely acceptable. Your loved ones don't have to attend the sad event if you want to spare them the burden.

If you don’t have a funeral, other options are available. You might choose an alternative way for your loved ones to say goodbye. You should consider another option if a traditional funeral isn't something you want. Our probate lawyers in Milford and Hartford, CT can provide probate and trust litigation planning services.

Reasons for Not Having a Funeral

You get to decide how you want the people you love to memorialize you once you're gone. Deciding not to have a funeral isn't illegal. You can choose from other options, such as a celebration of life party, an ash-spreading ceremony, or direct cremation. Some people get creative by arranging for a family outing, trip, or event.

There is a range of reasons for opting out of a funeral, such as:

  • Eliminating the cost – A funeral is expensive. Add on a funeral home’s services, casket, flowers, and cemetery, and the costs can be a financial strain. Some people pay for their funeral in advance to alleviate their surviving family’s expenses. Others can’t afford it and leave the arrangements up to their loved ones. By choosing not to have a funeral, you don’t burden anyone with a large bill.
  • Avoiding religious traditions – Funerals often have religious connotations. You might not believe a funeral is necessary, especially if you’re not a religious person. A funeral might not seem appropriate if you don’t believe in the afterlife.
  • Planning alternative celebrations – If you want your loved ones to enjoy themselves instead of feeling sad, request a celebration of life party. Your family can come together for a few hours and share funny or memorable stories about you.

Understanding the Consequences of Not Having a Funeral

You might strongly believe in not having a funeral. However, consider how it will make your family feel. Although it's ultimately up to you how you want to be remembered, funerals can provide closure for surviving relatives. It allows them to grieve and say their goodbyes.

Discussing your decision with your family is crucial. You should explain your reasoning for opting out of a traditional gathering. Include them in the preparations by asking them to suggest other methods of remembering you. They might feel better about your decision if they know they can do something else to mourn their loss.

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Although it seems like a morbid topic, planning for your death is crucial. If you don't prepare, the responsibility will pass on to your loved ones. Besides coping with your death, they have the added pressure of deciding whether you would have wanted a funeral or alternative arrangements.

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